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Development Of Learning Skills With EnglishEdge

There is a famous saying, learning never stops. You can learn at any age, doesn’t matter you are a 7-year-old or 70. Student life is considered the best time to better your learning skill. Do you wonder how someone with 2/3 hours of study scores better than you with 7/8 hours of study? No, he does not have more brains! He has better learning skills. 


Every child has unique skills and limitations. No one is proficient in all areas. Some excel in reading /writing, while others find it difficult to read, write, and comprehend written language. 


Students do not have the choice to skip a particular subject or topic in which they struggle. Thus, they need the help of teachers and parents. Encouraging them to improve their learning skill is one of the best ways to help.


The things you learn today will always be useful at some point. So, you should learn things in a way that remains with you forever. Ensure that you develop some positive habits that will assist in the development of learning skills. 

The 4 C’s of Learning Skills

Critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration together refer to the 4C’s. They play a major role in the development of learning skills. Have a look at them below in a nutshell.


Critical thinking is the capacity to assess things logically and create a logical conclusion based on the assessment. Critical thinkers are conscious of their own false beliefs, allowing them to reach objective judgments. A critical thinker makes more informed decisions in life. Critical thinking is necessary for life. It helps students to reach their full potential in terms of learning.


Creative thinking is the capacity to come up with a unique, attractive, and helpful thought or idea. If you want to be a creative thinker then brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and try to develop something on your own.


Communication is all about interacting with people after analyzing the situation and context of the message. Merely talking with people is not communication. Real communication involves attentive listening, taking notes, sharing ideas and thoughts. If you want to be a good communicator, then make a habit of listening first clearly. 


Collaboration means working together and allocating resources to operate productively. When you collaborate, you work with other students with different abilities and viewpoints to achieve goals that benefit all of you. Group study is one of the best ways to collaborate. 

All these skills together lead to the development of learning skills. 

How To Improve Your Learning Skills?

Keep Your Concepts Clear

It is important to keep the concepts clear. If you have a doubt, ask the teachers or parents straightaway as you never know how it may affect you during the preparation phase. Be confident in your ideas, take the risk, and address all of your issues with teachers and bright people. To overcome all of your difficulties about a topic, become familiar with textbooks and other study-related resources.

Highlight Key Points

Highlighting and emphasizing the essential elements when studying helps to summarise the entire topic. It allows you to brush up on the important topic right before the exams. Do not highlight everything, selective enough to use them as study material.

Use Technology

Technology is now a part of students’ life. Use it to improve your skills. Watch online videos, read articles related to your topic. Audio-visual representation is a better way of understanding things rather than mugging up the words. 

How English Edge Helps In The Development Of Learning Skills?

English edge is widely popular for its feature-rich English language lab software. The language lab software available here helps in the overall development of the students. Audio-video practice sessions and the ability to learn anytime make the language lab software one of the best in the market. 


Join The Session

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