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AI Powered Spoken English Tool

Soft skills are interpersonal abilities that have an impact on how well a student works or interacts with the rest of the world.
When we think of interpersonal skills and communication training via the digital mode, the most we can think of is a blended learning approach.
By utilising the blended learning strategy, students learn both on and off-line. Offline classroom training and coaching complement online eLearning by helping students put what they’ve learned into practise.
But what if…
There was a totally digitised mode of learning to help the learner do all this,  at one place?
And that too -inside the learner’s phone or laptop!
With the choice to practice until perfect?

Presenting LiqVid’s Patented Role-Play learning modality.

In which the latest global technology is combined with learning pedagogy to allow a learner to role-play the learning until they are fully confident to carry it out in real life! The role play learning framework comprises four steps

The first one is Watch.

In this step, the learner watches a video in which two characters are interacting with each other during a scenario. It may be a sales scenario, a customer service interaction or a product demonstration. The possibilities are endless.

Hubspot research shows that videos are the most engaging content modality. There are a staggering 8 billion video views per day on Facebook alone. The Watch step was created keeping this user preference in mind!

The second step is Enact.

What does a learner do here? Exactly what one enjoys on apps like Dubsmash, Insta reels, Facebook reels and Tiktok etc.

The learner records a video!

Learners record themselves as one of the characters in the role play, reading out the associated transcript, to respond to the questions asked by the other character in the video. 
In a sales training role play practice, the learner will take up the role of the sales consultant, responding to a customer. In a training on conflict resolution, the learner may take up the role of the pacifier, pacifying the protagonist in the video.

The third stage is Review.

The learner views the video responses to the questions during the role play stitched together as one video. 
It almost appears like the learner has replaced one of the characters in the ‘Watch’ video.
The last stage is Analyse. Here the learner’s responses get analysed on parameters such as fluency, pronunciation, completeness and accuracy. The learner gets a detailed report.
Lastly, the learner may analyse the result of the review, and re-attempt the learning process, until a desired score is achieved across the four parameters!

Try out LiqVid’s Role Play mode today for an out-of-the-ordinary learning experience!

LiqVid - We make learning flow!

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*Pricing – Monthly (Payable Quarterly) | Setup fee – USD 500 | Content – Client needs to provide the media for role-play*