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Liqvid has partnered with BBC Active and created a course, which is immersive in nature. The content used in this course is taken from BBC news clips that offer different contexts and different topics for the learner. The best way to learn a language is practice a little bit every day. Advance English Communication Course in the app helps you do that with some amazing, fun and topical lessons, transcripts and quizzes.
This course brings together all of your favorite lessons and presenters in one wonderful, simple-to-use package. It is the best way to keep your English up to date!
It will help you to learn and practice English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with the help of real news videos.

Key Features of the Course:

Our course contains some Interactive and Engaging components:

Speak the Lines

This component includes four aspects – Watch, Enact, Review & Analyse.

Here learners have to ‘Watch’ the video first, then they have to ‘Enact’ the lines from the video. After recording they can ‘Review’ and ‘Analyse’ what they have recorded.These components have the potential to increase learners’ engagement and to support the learning process through the provision of personalized feedback

Englishedge for BBC

Interactive quiz formats in the course make the learners’ experience more engaging and motivating. Question formats used:

1. MCQ
2. Fill in the blanks
3. Short answer
5. True or False

Englishedge for BBC


  • Pricing Monthly
  • No. Of Students- Up to 100
  • Ebook -Yes
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  • Pricing Monthly
  • No. Of Students- Up to 1000
  • Ebook -Yes
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