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With globalization, English has become a language of aspiration and one of the most important of all Life skills. Most of the learners, even with good academic records, face challenges with their English Communication skills, an indispensable skill for all corporate jobs.

EnglishEdge has developed a unique programme for students undergoing from higher education in colleges / universities. The objective of this course is to develop English language skills amongst the learners in order to enhance their employability and ensure better job prospects and higher salary.

EnglishEdge’s solution is a unique combination of classroom sessions and self-practice content wherein the institute faculty (trainers) will use EnglisEdge ILT (Instructor led training) content modules for classroom sessions and the learners would use the self-practice modules. Both trainers and learners will be able to access the content on multiple platforms like computers and mobile phones which will allow them to learn anytime, anywhere. In order to monitor the progress of program, EnglishEdge Analytics platform will track both the classroom and self-practice sessions. The reports for the same will be shared in the form of dashboards for learners, trainers and management.

Well-Structured Multimedia Content

  • A highly engaging course that equips the learner to find a job and succeed in it
  • 5 learning modules – Elementary Skills, Basic Communication Skills, English Grammar and Fluency, Interview Preparation Skills, English for Special Purposes
  • 300 plus hours of teacher-led content
  • 200 plus hours of student practice
  • 4 skills approach, giving emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing at all levels
  • 18 sessions available in bilingual to make the language more accessible to the new learner
  • Bilingual sessions are available in 9 languages
  • 60 hours of English for Special Purposes covering 6 industry sectors.
  • Course designed to build creative and critical thinking and cognitive skills
  • Rich multimedia content that stimulates aural and visual senses

Features of the ILT content

  • Reading and listening practice to expose students to a variety of high-quality texts
  • Speaking activities to build confidence and fluency
  • Group activities to emphasize teamwork
  • Graded grammar within a class and across the series to build increasing level of understanding
  • Explanation of grammar concepts followed by class activities
  • Exercises designed to show the use of grammar in context
  • Colourful illustrations, animations and videos to make learning joyful and interactive

The solution comprises of a teacher and student software, the teacher kit includes software to be used by teacher for classroom sessions and a manual to understand EnglishEdge’s teaching methodology. While the student software for students to practice after classroom sessions in Local network.

Teacher would use the software in the lab to explain concepts and conduct activities. Whereas, students would use desktop application in school for self-practice. Following is a detailed description about each element.

  1. Solution
    1. Software Kit: Software kit will comprise of a teacher kit and a student kit. Following are the components of teacher and student kit.
Solution Components ELL For Colleges (Job Edge)
Teacher Kit
Content Software:Comprises of rich multimedia content to engage learners in classroom.
Trainer Manual:
Trainer kit is accompanied by a trainer manual giving details of how to use the software, conduct session and activities. This will help trainers to revisit the teaching methodology using English Edge’s content.
Technical Manual:Contains technical functionalities of the software, giving details on how to install the software, create teacher and student login ID’s and basic trouble shooting techniques.
Student Kit Student self-practice software:
The trainer led content is complimented with self- study sessions of 1 hour each for learners known as learner’s content. Learner content includes revision of concepts taught in trainer led sessions and practice exercises to reinforce their understanding.
Web Login & Mobile App access Each student will be provided with a login id and password for access to self-practice modules on web & mobile that will mirror the course available in the software.