For Schools

Award winning blended learning programme for English for Classes 1 to XIth

  • Instructor led training in classroom
  • Web based practice for self-learning

The EnglishEdge School learning solution is delivered through a Blended-leaning approach. This approach is a blend of classroom training and self-learning. While classroom training takes care of hand-holding, peer support and motivation, self-learning ensures reinforcement of learning, accounts for individual differences in competencies and pace of understanding. Hence, we have two parts to every chapter/session: Instructor-led software and Self-learning module.

Features of Programme:

  • Age-appropriate prose and poetry selections, ranging from the classic to the contemporary
  • Audio visual for prose and poetry selections
  • Reading and listening practice to expose students to a variety of high-quality texts
  • Comprehension questions to reinforce the students’ understanding of language, facts
    and ideas
  • Speaking activities to build confidence and fluency
  • Group activities to emphasize teamwork
  • Graded grammar within a class and across the series to build increasing level of understanding
  • Explanation of grammar concepts followed by class activities
  • Exercises designed to show the use of grammar in context
  • Colourful illustrations, animations and videos to make learning joyful and interactive

The solution comprises of a teacher and student software, the teacher kit includes software to be used by teacher for classroom sessions and a manual to understand EnglishEdge’s teaching methodology. While the student software for students to practice after classroom sessions in Local network.

Teacher would use the software in the lab to explain concepts and conduct activities. Whereas, students would use desktop application in school for self-practice. Following is a detailed description about each element.

  1. 1. Teacher Kit
  1. I. Teacher Software – Comprises of rich multimedia content to engage learners in Language Lab. Software consist of 15 sessions each for every class from 1 to 11 with ASL for class 9th, 10th and 11th. This part of the software is known as Trainer led content.

Each session includes a story in Indian (neutral) accent around which reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises are woven. The software allows the teacher to provide profound understanding of different English concepts and at the same time engage the class with various interactive activities to practice the concepts.

Using Interesting stories in every sessions, EnglishEdge provides learners an opportunity to improve upon their English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In addition to LSRW it also help a student improve their grammar, vocabulary, body language and confidence.

  1. II. Trainer Manual: Trainer kit is accompanied by a trainer manual giving details of how to use the software, conduct session and activities. This will help trainers to revisit the teaching methodology using EnglishEdge’s content.
  1. 2. Student Software – Each trainer led session is complimented with self- study sessions for learners known as learner’s content (WBT). Student software contains practice exercises and reinforcement material corresponding to Trainer Led Content sessions. These exercises can be done by learners in the computer lab of the institute, with the guidance of teachers.

In student software as well, EnglishEdge uses interesting stories to design practice exercises and games improve learners’, listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary

  • a. Interactive games are used to reinforce the learnings.
  • b. Record and compare feature to practice pronunciation/speaking with the help of its speech recording engine — listen to an expert’s voice, record one’s own voice and then compare both the recordings to check and improve pronunciation

  • c. Interactive activities for focused listening practice.
  • d. Confidence building via guided and self-paced practice.

Mobile App

Each Student will be provided with a login id and password for access to a mobile app for self-practice. The app contains practice exercises and reinforcement material corresponding to Trainer Led Content sessions