Aduro Features:

Blended Learning

A combination of offline (face-to-face, traditional learning) and online learning in a way that the one compliments the other. It provides individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. For example, a student might attend classes in a real-world classroom setting, and then supplement the lesson plan by completing online multimedia coursework. As such, the student would only have to physically attend class once a week and would be free to go at their own pace (and without worrying about scheduling issues).

Blended Learnin

Sometimes Connected Model

The product works in a sometimes connected model where internet connectivity is required only for registration and product features can be accessed offline after that. Android app, iOS app and Desktop app are all available in sometimes connected mode.

Mobile App Access

Access to content for students on Android and iOS devices to practice at self-paced learning.

Easier Registration Process

Once product is installed the registration process is complete with 2 simple steps. Center administrator validates the license key provides and registers with basic center information.

User Registration

Self-registration process for teachers and students. Option of bulk upload to upload multiple students using an excel file.

User Roles

Following roles are there in the software:

  • Center Administrator
  • Teachers
  • Students

User Profile Management

  • Users can upload their picture; change their password and personal details.
  • Forgot password option for users to retrieve their password.

User Batch Management

  • Admin has feature to create batches which comprises of class and section.
  • Teachers can be associated to multiple batches
  • Students can only be assigned to a single batch.
  • Batch specific content can be assigned to a batch.
  • Batch report is available with students and teachers progress and performance details in specific batches.

Attendance Management

  • Feature to conduct attendance for each session and track attendance using reports.
  • Feature for auto-attendance for the same day for same teacher.

Student Group Creation, Activities and Peer Grading

Student groups are automatically created for group activities; teacher can reorder the groups, if required.

Multimedia Rich Content

  • CAPE methodology for content presentation that includes Concept, Activity, Practice and Evaluation.
  • Highly interactive content for trainers in the form of concept and activities.
  • Feature to conduct group or individual activities.
  • Group activity peer & teacher grading mechanism.
  • Reference material available in the form of trivia and resources
  • Content availability in different languages (On Demand).
  • Content available on Desktop, Android, iOS devices and tablets for student for self-paced learning.

Accent Reduction Tool (ART)

Users can practice speaking new words after listening to expert voice.

Assessments and Evaluation

  • Assessments at various levels are designed to measure each learning parameter required for proficiency.
  • Pre, Mid & Post Assessments with real time scoring and reporting feature
  • Learner path and curriculum management based on Diagnostic test.
  • Multimedia based questions in following formats:
    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • True / False
    • Match the Following
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Sequencing / Sorting
    • Choose Correct Word
    • Essay Type Questions (Subjective)
    • Audio / Video Response Questions (Subjective)
  • Rubric based evaluation by evaluators
  • Assessment reports and delta comparison
  • Scoring and Certification based on the performance in assessments.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Progress Tracker
  • Dashboards for all roles – Learner, Administrator, Center Admin
  • Intuitive Insights and Recommendations
  • Leader boarding and Gamification
  • Management of all Logistics, Integration reports at a single place