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Ramya Nair

23 Years

Those who speak English fluently earn up to 34% more than others - Study by National Council of Applied Economic Research

3 Highlights from Course's Table of content

Nail Interview Question like

"Why should we hire you?" Also, learn to nail interviews using Mock Interviews, Heated Group Discussions and Role Plays.

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Learn key phrases that you can use in your office and colleagues will be impressed.

Learn Professional Etiquette

"90% of candidates do not stand when they are introduced to a new person." These things get noticed, and probably hamper your promotion.

Want to Fasten your Career Growth, Improve Your Personality & Master English Communication?

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Skill Edge

The objective of this course is to prepare learners to communicate confidently in day-to-day situations. The three key areas covered in this course are basic communication skills, grammar, and vocabulary. The topics include handling common scenarios such as Meeting People, Asking Questions, Buying Things, to learning specific skills needed to explore employment opportunities and giving an impressive interview.


Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive course spread across over 70 hours of content
  • 48 sessions with module on enhancing vocabulary, mastering fluency
  • Focus on preparing learners to communicate confi­dently in day-to-day situations
  • Mobile App for post-class practice & web login for online self-practice

  1. Greetings and Introductions (Hindi)
  2. Family and Friends (Hindi)
  3. Finding Out (Hindi)
  4. Knowing Where (Hindi)
  5. Being There (Hindi)
  6. Doing Things (Hindi)
  7. Time Out (Hindi)
  8. Shopping (Hindi)
  9. What Are You Doing (Hindi)
  10. About People (Hindi)
  11. What Do You Have? (Hindi)
  12. When It Happened (Hindi)
  13. We Went There (Hindi)
  14. Getting There (Hindi)
  15. Can We (Hindi)
  16. That’s Better (Hindi)
  17. What Do You Like (Hindi)
  18. Making Plans (Hindi)
  19. Introduction to Communication
  20. Nouns
  21. Indefinite Articles
  22. The Definite Article
  23. Adjectives
  1. The Present Tense
  2. The Past Tense
  3. The Future Tense
  4. Making Comparisons
  5. Space and Time
  6. More Prepositions
  7. More of the Present Tense
  8. More About the Past
  9. Subject-Verb Agreement
  10. Consonant Sounds
  11. Vowel Sounds
  12. Sound Clusters
  13. Indianisms
  14. Syllables
  15. Syllable Stress
  16. Fluency
  17. Voice
  18. Reported Speech
  19. Intonation and Modulation
  20. Word Stress and Modulation
  21. Listening Styles
  22. Learning to Listen
  23. Modulating Speech
  24. Mastering Fluency
  25. Enhancing Vocabulary

Corporate Edge

The objective of this course is to equip learners to communicate confidently in office and other professional scenarios. The four key areas focused in this course are soft skills, professional etiquettes, business English, and e­ffective speaking skills. The programme uses real life examples, sessions by industry experts, and activity-based approach to building core strengths needed to excel in corporate life.


Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive course spread across over 60 hours of content
  • Focus on equipping learners to communicate effectively and con­fidently in professional scenarios
  • 42 sessions on group discussions, negotiating skills and more such work-life specific topics
  • Mobile App for post-class practice & web login for online self-practice

  1. Writing a Résumé— Basic
  2. Exploring Employment Opportunities
  3. Writing a Resume – Advanced
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Researching the Company and Job
  6. Grooming
  7. Professional Etiquette
  8. Dressing for an Interview
  9. Telephone Etiquette
  10. Before the Interview
  11. Introducing Yourself
  12. Why should we hired you?
  13. Talking About career Goals
  14. Talking about the Company
  15. Discussing salary
  16. Strengths and Weaknesses
  17. Asking Questions
  18. After the Interview
  19. Effective Listening
  20. Creating a Presentation
  21. Presenting to an Audience
  1. Group Discussion – Basic
  2. Group Discussion – Advanced
  3. Negotiating Skills
  4. Stress Management
  5. Improving Your Technical Knowledge
  6. Technical Questions
  7. Handling Stressful Situations
  8. Body Language
  9. Being Confident and Assertive
  10. Friday Dressing
  11. Table Manners
  12. Conducting Meetings
  13. Personal Space
  14. Sending the Right Message
  15. Writing Effective Emails
  16. Email Etiquette
  17. Delivering Feedback
  18. Accepting Feedback
  19. Time Management — 1
  20. Time Management — 2
  21. Personal Hygiene

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" My experience with EnglishEdge was very nice. It is very easy to access the course. It is easily understandable to the students. It has audio video facility which acts as a helping hand to me. My experience was awesome. I learnt so many things and facts of English. I would like to take more such courses in future as well. "

Jyoti Rawat Age 19 yrs

" I had a good experience with the course EnglishEdge. It is easy to use and it is very helpful. My doubts about English grammar were also fixed. "

Nishu Rana Age 21 yrs
Gurgaon – Jetking

" EnglishEdge is good for students to improve their communication skills as well increase their confidence level and prepare them for interviews. It is a very good experience. We need these kind of training which helps us a lot. We learn new concepts of grammar which are very useful. "

Shubhajeet Kaur Age 23 yrs
Ludhiana Centre

" I took the EnglishEdge course and feel that it is a very well structured and useful course. "

Ajai Kumar, AGM, HR BALCO, Korba

" EnglishEdge is a useful course. Especially, the workplace communication skills course is very helpful. I liked the demonstration of various scenarios. "

Arun, Shift Manager, US Process Atsara, Pune

" I found both Professional Edge and Interview Edge courses quite useful. "

Partha, Sr Manager Carrier Midea, Vishakhapatnam

" EnglishEdge is a well-designed and easy to use course. It was my first experience of online learning and I really liked the experience. "

Shashi, Account Manager, Ujjwal Bangalore

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Want to Fasten your Career Growth, Improve Your Personality & Master English Communication?

Fill the form to upgrade your English in 8 weeks at Sector-8 Noida

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