Communication – A Must For Any Career Initiative
29 Dec 2017

Communication – A Must For Any Career Initiative

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We all study hard to get placed in our dream jobs. Most of us accomplish the same but some of us face challenges in getting the job as well as the profile we want to work for. One of the loop holes in getting the desired job is the incorrect use of English. How well your interview goes determines whether you will able to get through or not. Depending on the type of job you are going for, it is imperative for you to be fluent in oral as well as written skills with respect to communication; also it furthers your chance of securing a job. Jobs that offer higher salaries pose higher levels of competition, no matter how much you are qualified, one mistake or ‘non-fluency’ in communication can kill your chance at achieving success.

Mr. Vivek Agarwal, CEO-English Edge – a leading technologically advanced English language learning services providing company, shares with you some essential points to be kept in mind while preparing for an interview:

  • Be clear in your message:Prove yourself to be a good communicator. Facing any difficulty in getting your point across during your interview may leave the interviewer clueless and ambiguous. It is thus important to be clear in conveying your message and avoid saying too less/much.
  • Don’t get worked up and stay positive:Many a times while giving an interview, you get nervous and end up giving silly answers to serious questions posed in front of you. Additionally, because you are unable to think of anything else to say, your chance of coming across as an effective communicator goes for a toss. In such situations, you should not get worked up, as there is always time to turn the interview around. Stay calm and positive with your confidence!
  • Body language also matters:Communication through words is just not enough; your body language and the way you carry yourself also gives an indication of your communication skills. Your confidence is likely to make you be perceived as a more open and effective communicator.
  • Speak professionally:  Avoid slangs and speak expressing respect and admiration for the person interviewing you on the opposite side. Grab the attention of the interviewer by expressing complete thoughts and enunciating your words. Don’t mumble, as this will portray you as a diffident person.
  • Stress on your strengths:  During your interview, emphasize more on your positives. Mention the special honours and awards that you have received. Showcasing your talent and accomplishments is likely to put you in line as a finalist for the desired job and profile.
  • Be focused: Listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions and answer them carefully. Also, don’t day dream and be approachable towards your interviewer.

Communication constitutes an important part of the interview process. It should not just be well structured but also informative, convincing and functional. Thus, having effective communication is important to attain career goals and in positioning oneself as a sound professional in the competitive industry.

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