5 Ways Technology Helps You Learn a Language Better
01 Sep 2016

5 Ways Technology Helps You Learn a Language Better

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Technology based language learning has been evolving for the past several decades and has now come of age. It is being driven by the need to learn a new language, particularly English, in our global world and also the rapid evolution of new technologies and connectivity. New technologies like video, analytics, cloud and mobiles have made learning not just convenient but also interesting and fun. This is applicable to all learning and more so to language learning.

Here are the 5 ways technology helps you learn better –

  1. Unlimited Practice – As we know, practice makes perfect. Yet the limitations of classrooms and the structured environment of educational and training institutions have constrained the amount of time available. Technology sets you free from that perspective. You can practice on your phone or PC as often and as much as you want and when you want. Additionally, you can make as many mistakes as you like without the fear of anybody making fun of you or losing patience with you.
  2. Learning Mirror – When we were children, many of us were asked by our teachers to look in the mirror and practice our spoken English. Technology now allows us to do that anywhere. With a good mobile application, you can record your own video and play it back to see how you have done. This way, you get feedback not only on your spoken ability but also on your body language.
  3. High Quality – In a diverse country like India, people from different states pronounce differently and this can confuse the learner. A good multimedia software has a high quality voice with the correct accent that exposes the learner to the correct way of speaking and aids enormously in the learning process. Additionally, the best practices from around the world are incorporated into the software and learners are able to benefit from global expertise in the comfort of their own environments.
  4. Personalized Feedback – With the aid of technology, learner can get precise feedback on what his needs are and how best he can accomplish them. The software can keep track of the gap between his goals and current level and suggest a personalized path. Additionally, the software can provide feedback on things like the time of the day that the learner likes to learn best and also the duration that the learners like to spend at one go. This can enormously impact the learning effectiveness of the learner.
  5. Global Community – With technology, the learner is connected globally. She can choose to interact with peers and experts globally and dramatically improve the learning process. A language is never learnt in isolation of the context and an understanding of the culture, environment, etc. of the native language speakers can provide a boost to the process of language acquisition.

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